GPUS Black Caucus thanks Obama for pardoning Lopez Rivera & Manning, urges more pardons



For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, January 18, 2017


GPUS Black Caucus Co-Chairs:

Darryl! Moch,

Robin Laverne Wilson,

The Black Caucus stands with the Latinx Caucus, Lavender Caucus, and Women’s Caucus in celebrating the release of political prisoners during the final days of the Obama presidency. We stand in solidarity with our comrades who for decades have fought for freedom and democracy.

The Black Caucus asks for pardons and clemency for other political prisoners, past and present to include, Mumia Abdul Jamal, Leornard Peltier, and Marcus Garvey. And as we stand for freedom for Puerto Rico, likewise, we stand with our brothers and sisters in Washington, District of Columbia — who still have not been freed of the tyranny and colonization that amounts to taxation without representation and a lack of self-determination afforded other US.. citizens in the various states.

Finally, we call for a moratorium on surveillance of Black, Latinx, and other leaders and activists targeted by the FBI and other intelligence agencies.

Green Party U.S. Press Release: